Thanks for finding me—Dr. John Talmadge—among over one billion websites. I practice psychiatry and addiction medicine in Dallas, Texas. I am Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and I am Senior Medical Advisor for The Center for BrainHealth and The Brain Performance Institute at The University of Texas at Dallas. I have a private office at Old Parkland, the site of the first hospital built in Dallas over 120 years ago. Today Old Parkland is a beautifully restored campus, a vibrant center of business and intellectual life.

The address for my office is 3949 Maple Ave, Ste 300, Dallas 75219. Directions to the office are on the Contact Page.

In my private clinical practice I see individuals, couples, and families. I also consult with business executives, attorneys, and other professionals in a variety of ways. As a skilled specialist in psychiatry and addiction medicine, I help people across the domains of mental health, psychological problems, behavioral issues, and treatment. I am also experienced and qualified in individual and family therapy. My mission is to help people overcome these problems and enjoy life fully.

My expertise includes diagnosis and treatment, psychotherapy, mindfulness training, positive psychology, and psychopharmacology (medications).

Frequently asked questions are answered on the FAQ Page.

Other pages describe my background, my philosophy of treatment, and my qualifications.

Philosophy: How To Describe a Good Psychiatrist

On the media page, check out the videos including Martin Seligman on positive psychology, Jon Kabat-Zinn on mindfulness, two enlightening talks on pseudoscience (including Bill Nye, the Science Guy), and the wise and wonderful Richard Rohr on "Breathing Under Water." If you're a healthcare professional, you'll enjoy "EHR State of Mind."


On my blog I share thoughts, ideas, helpful information, what’s on my mind.

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