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New topics in 2015!
I've also included a list of topics from my speaking schedule over the past few years. I've noted the talks that got the highest reviews, which means that at least 90% of the reviews were 4 or better on a 5 point scale. Some talks did not include feedback, but the topics listed here have all been well received.

If your organization would like to schedule a talk, lecture, or workshop, give me a call. As my schedule permits, I am happy to speak for churches, schools, parent groups, and not-for-profit organizations at no charge.

New in 2015!
Four Sides to Every Story: Understanding and Helping the Whole Patient (highly rated)
Mindfulness: An Essential Practice in Recovery from Alcohol and Drugs
Beyond Motivation: The Positive Psychology of Excellent Addiction Treatment
Beyond the Basics: The Advanced Course in 12 Step Recovery
When Therapy Fails: Troubleshooting and Solutions

Mental Health Topics

Stress, Depression, and Burn-out (highly rated)
The Problems of Anxiety and Depression
What is Bipolar Disorder?
Chronic Mental Illness and the Seriously Mentally Ill
Attention Deficit Disorder: Causes, Concerns, and Cures
Alcohol and the Family (highly rated)
PTSD: Myths and Realities
Gambling: Deadly Odds and Destructive Desires
Street Drugs: The Facts
Addictions and the Future of Theory and Practice
Veterans and the VA: Hard Times for Mental Health (highly rated)

Family Topics
Scientific Evidence About Happy Marriages (highly rated)
Keys to Happier Relationships (highly rated)
ADD: What Parents Need to Know (highly rated)
Talking With Children About Drugs and Alcohol
Oppositional Children and Difficult Behavior (highly rated)
Marriage: How It Works, How It Breaks Down, How to Fix It
How My Wife Raised Three Successful Children (With My Help)
Single Mothers and Their Daughters (highly rated)
Raising Responsible Children
Families of Divorce
Yes Is a Dangerous Word (The Price of Permissiveness)
Youth Suicide: What We Know, What We Don’t Know
Learning Differences: Understanding How the Brain Is Wired

General Topics
An Introduction to Mindfulness (highly rated)
An Introduction to Positive Psychology (highly rated)
What is Personality? The Nine Types of People You Know (highly rated)
Emotional Intelligence: Hot Topic or Hot Air?
How Poker, Bridge, and Chess Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease
Why Philosophy Matters
Happiness: The Facts
A Short History of Psychology and Psychiatry
My Time on Death Row: A Huntsville Memoir

Topics in Spirituality
Why Does God Allow Suffering? (highly rated)
The Importance of Spiritual Practice and Discipline (highly rated)
Why Is Prayer So Difficult?
Religion and World Problems
The Dangers of Fundamentalism (highly rated)
Belief and Reality: What’s the Difference?