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Dr. Talmadge Speaking at 21st Solutions Annual Banquet

I'm brushing up on my public speaking skills and, for the first time in years, I'm probably going to write a speech before I deliver it. This spring I will be the guest speaker at the 21st Annual Banquet celebrating the success of Solutions Outpatient Services, and this is quite an honor. I haven't homed in on an exact title or a topic, but this is an event that brings together hundreds of people from the recovering community, the world of alcohol and addiction treatment, and the professional world.

Lois Jordan, Bill Jordan, and Mary Donna Noack have been among my best friends and most treasured colleagues for over twenty years. Lois and her husband Bill started working with alcoholics and addicts before the field was even well known, much less fashionable. To see the biographical sketches of the great people at Solutions, click here.

Their practice, Solutions Outpatient Services, remains one of only a handful of facilities that remain owned and operated by its original owner. Solutions Outpatient Services is an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services to treat alcohol and drug problems. In September 2013, Solutions extended its services to include Soul Food, an adult IOP for the treatment of anorexia, bulimia, binging, and compulsive eating. Soul Food has quickly developed the same highly acclaimed reputation as Solutions’ substance abuse IOP.

As Lois says, "If there is one word to describe Solutions, it would be Family. Solutions is Family owned, Family run, the staff is Family, the clients become Family, the family members become Family, and the professional community is embraced as Family. Individuals and their families come to us so broken by addictions that they cannot even imagine that they can heal." That's pretty special. You don't see language like that in corporate brochures or typical business advertising!

She also writes: "At Solutions, we not only help clients and their families gain the tools to deal with their addictions and codependency, but more importantly, we give them the tools to live life in a meaningful way. We believe that addiction is about an unhealthy relationship with a mood and/or mind-altering substance and/or behavior. Therefore, we help clients develop relationships with themselves, their Higher Power, their families, their 12-Step communities, and their community-at-large in a meaningful and sustainable way."

Congratulations to Lois, Bill, Mary Donna, Deborah, James, and all of those who have contributed to the success of Solutions over the past twenty years!