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The Happiness Poster

In an article titled "Questioning the Science of Happiness," the author (Trent Gillis) uses the following graphic, which is quite intriguing:

Poster on the science of happiness

Back from the Break!

For the past several weeks I've taken a break from the blog, and I've been working on the Mindfulness and Positive Psychology Program for The Brain Performance Institute at The Center for BrainHealth. The Institute will occupy the new building, which is under construction on the site adjacent to CBH on Mockingbird Lane here in Dallas.

My recent explorations in mindfulness include the study of "mind wandering," something we all recognize in our daily lives. When our minds wander, our attention is shifted from the task at hand to something else. Have you ever looked up an important concept on the web, or on Wikipedia, only to find yourself wandering off into some other corner of the internet? That's an example of mind wandering.

Another relevant concept is that of "mindlessness." Some research scientists describe mindlessness as "being on automatic pilot," or "not being fully present." An example commonly experienced is our tendency to drive down the highway without really paying attention to our driving. If you've ever missed your exit on the freeway, you have experienced mindlessness, or mind wandering.

One interesting aspect of "mind wandering" is that the phenomenon may also be linked to creativity. Relaxing and letting my mind wander sometimes produces good ideas. In July I will be presenting a series of talks and seminars on these topics. If you're interested, let me know, and I'll keep you updated!